JLutz Fitness


In the 5 years I’ve worked with Jen, I’ve not only experienced the physical rewards of her training
 but also a change in mindset due to her holistic approach and scientific application.
 A consummate professional, Jen is trustworthy, hard-working, and obviously passionate about what she does.
 I not only trust her with my health and fitness but with the health of my friends and family.
 I most highly recommend her.
— David Karp, Creator & CEO of Tumblr
It was an absolute BLAST having Jen drop by Tumblr HQ for her cardio-infused yoga class! Her fresh spin on a standard yoga class, her inspiring flows, and her rockin' playlist somehow had us begging for more planks and mountain climbers. The class was challenging but still accessible to all and whether you'd been practicing for 5 days or 5 years, she encouraged us to be in the moment, to find peace, and to let loose. What really sets Jen apart is her infectious energy, kindness, and her genuine thoughtfulness. From beginning to end, Jennifer put in a lot of work to give us a stellar experience that went beyond a workplace fitness class (from providing healthy snacks and compostable seed invites to staying late, on her birthday no less, to offer up her knowledge and advice on health and wellness). Tumblr had a fantastic time with Jen and we hope to have her again in the future!
—Jessica Andrade, Tumblr

Jennifer is a superstar trainer and coach. She is a pleasure to work with in every way, 
very knowledgeable and professional with a gracious, energetic style and approach.
 I cannot recommend her more highly.
— Doctor M, Cardiologist, Harvard
During her time in Kenya, Jennifer worked in the Disabled care unit of an all-inclusive children center  that served the families in Kibera. She developed a yoga program and taught classes to the children. She is known for her strong leadership skills and initiative.
—Anne M. Furre, Programs Coordinator Azma International
Why do I train with Jen? Countless reasons. First, Jen knows bodies. Her phenomenal knowledge of anatomy and biochemistry allows her to a craft
holistic, full-body work-out that will help you look and feel better. Second, Jen knows weight training. She is little, but do not underestimate her. She can lift with the big boys and help me do the same (without looking like a big boy herself). Third, every time I think for one second I am bored, she throws me for a loop. In a good way. I realize that there is something else that needs improvement. New heights that I can climb. Fourth, she doesn’t take my shit. Seriously, I need someone to keep me in line. Fifth, she is funny. You need that at 7 a.m. in winter in this city. But please don’t train with her because it is already hard enough for me to get a good time!
— Lauren L. Peacock, Counsel at Togut, Segal & Segal LLP

I began working with Jen in January 2013 as I was starting my recovery from a fractured ankle.  During the time I was out of commission with my injury, I had begun to feel increasingly unhealthy and that all of the fitness goals I was working to achieve pre-injury had slipped away.  I was out of shape and desperate to get back in the gym, but nervous about reinjuring my ankle just as I was starting to regain full mobility.  I had worked with trainer's in thepast,but had never really clicked with any of them or felt that I achieved my desired results. But working with Jen was different from Day 1 - I instantly connected with Jen and was continually challenged by the fitness plan she designed for me.  Her positive outlook and excitement about working with me reenergized my motivation to reach my fitness goals.  With her help, I not only recovered from myinjury,but continually met and surpassed the fitness goals I had set for myself.  I was stronger with more muscle definition than I had ever had and I finally sawmyself consistently losing inches in areas that had always been my "trouble zones."  Jen is demanding in the best way possible - she expects clients to show up committed to working hard and to making real changes, both in and out of the gym, for a healthier life.  In addition to our workouts, Jen also helped me revamp my eating habits and provided nutritional guidance.  I've worked out since I was a teenager and this was the first time I really started tounderstoodthe relationship between diet and exercise.  Jen was my champion from start to finish during the time I worked with her, never letting me make excuses or give up on myself.  I loved training with Jen and would strongly recommend that anyone looking for real fitness results to get ingymwith Jen immediately! —Monica Hopkins